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Exhaust repair in Garden City, MI

Your vehicle’s exhaust system has various functions, namely: protecting occupants from harmful emissions, reducing noise, and improving fuel economy. The most important function is preventing dangerous fumes from entering your vehicle. The exhaust emitted from your engine contains carbon monoxide, an odorless chemical that can be lethal if inhaled. A malfunctioning exhaust system could put you and your family at risk for exposure. It is therefore very important that you service it regularly. 

The exhaust system is comprised of key components such as the catalytic converter, resonator and muffler. There are various reasons that can cause your exhaust system to be compromised, mostly rust and corrosion. Since parts like the muffler and exhaust pipes are exposed to the elements, weathering can erode these parts over time. A loud noise coming from the engine can be an indicator that it’s time for repairs. Being proactive and checking for signs of wear and tear may protect against breaks and leaks in the exhaust system. At minimum, you should have your exhaust system inspected once a year.

If you suspect your car is having exhaust problems, don’t hesitate to bring it into the trusted exhaust repair experts at Friend’s Auto. 

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