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Friend's Auto Service & Repair Center is located in the heart of downtown Garden City, serving the community with quality brake repair and maintenance services at an honest price.

Brake Repair in Garden City, MI

When it comes to vehicle safety, a well-conditioned braking system is an absolute must! It could be the difference between avoiding an accident or becoming part of one. With today’s distracted driving accidents being at an all-time high, keeping vigilant on the roads is a necessity to ensure the safety of your passengers and yourself. That’s why our team at Friend’s Auto will happily conduct a visual inspection of your braking system at NO cost to you

Brake repair garden city mi

Brake Repair Garden City MI

Maintaining and Servicing Your Brakes

With daily use, wear and tear can noticeably be identified. A routine maintenance can help assess the condition of your braking components, allowing you to service them before the problem becomes too severe. There are several factors that influence brake wear, most notably: driving habits, weather conditions, vehicle type and the overall quality of your system. Neglecting or putting off a routine brake inspection can often lead to bigger problems and a bigger bill! At minimum, brakes should be serviced twice a year to ensure optimal performance.

If you suspect your car is having brake problems, stop in and have one of our brake repair specialists take a look at it for you. At Friend’s Auto, you can have the confidence of knowing that when you press your foot to the brake, your car is coming to a stop.

A few warning signs your brakes may need servicing

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